Exceeding Customer’s Expectations

In the first six months of operation, we spent hundreds of hours face-to-face with our first customers doing our best to understand their needs. In that process, we encountered individuals who worked tirelessly to provide the best teaching and learning environment for children; that experience deepened our commitment to this endeavor. What started as the identification of an under-served market grew into a passion with boundless motivation. We quickly sought to be a catalyst for improvements in instruction and student learning throughout the country. The reality was then and still is today, that the information needs of school systems are truly unique. To responsibly serve customers in education with the products and services we provide, we believe you must:

  • Have a deep understanding of the unique challenges and information needs of the people who are directly responsible for the education of our youth; teachers, instructional specialists, guidance counselors, administrators, superintendents, and board members.
  • Provide products and services “designed” to address the distinct information requirements of these stakeholders.
  • Enable the customization of the product and service offering to meet the different needs school systems have; for example, urban school systems have some specific and different information requirements than a rural school system.
  • Make sustained investments in your company that enable you to become a trusted adviser and true partner in the school system’s pursuit of student learning.

    At Performance Matters™, we strive each day to practice these principles. As a result, our customers are building sustained improvements in instruction and student learning. In addition, the strength and mutual value of our customer relationships grow stronger each year. We see a bright future for education, and we are proud to be a part of such an important cause.

  • Testimonials

    • Superb product!  Teachers are easily able to uncover issues with student learning.  Terrific support staff!  Together we make a difference in students’...

      Regina Greely, Supervisor of Data Warehousing and Instructional Technology
    • There is Performance Matters and then there are the rest of the vendors.

      Dr. Frank Raffone, Assistant Superintendent
    • We made the largest one year gains in the history of the school district and we couldn’t have done it without Performance Matters.

      Dr. Fran Adams, Superintendent

    Our Products

    • FASTe: Formative Action System for Teacher Effectiveness.
      The only teacher effectiveness platform that supports teaching and learning “formatively”.
    • ADMS: Assessment and Data Management System.
      Our flagship product used by school systems nationwide to continuously monitor and improve student learning.

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