Support the 4 Core Areas of Education Reform

Many education policy makers consider the Race to the Top “R2T” the blueprint for education reform. When you boil down the R2T grant, there are four core areas prescribed; State Department’s of Education and Local School Systems will:

  1. Use data systems to support learning: Performance Matters provides an integrated platform that connects all of the data dots…this ensures all educational stakeholders have the actionable information they need to impact learning, instruction and policy.
  2. Adopt rigorous (common core) standards: We enable the transition from State to Common Core Standards. In most States, students and teachers will be measured by some combination of State and Common Core standards for the next two years. PM enables assessment and progress monitoring of multiple sets of standard “concurrently” which ensures an orderly transition and one that properly prepares students and teachers for the Common Core.
  3. Invest resources to turn around failing schools: Most failing schools have access to a variety a variety of incremental resources. PM provides reporting and analytics that illustrate the return on investments in failing schools to ensure students have the best opportunity to learn, and that the school’s academic performance improves overall.
  4. Include student achievement as one measure of educator effectiveness: Performance Matters’ FASTe (Formative Action System for Teacher Effectiveness) is a comprehensive teacher effectiveness solution. FASTe is an open platform that is configured for each school system based upon your unique multi-measure evaluation system. Most importantly, FASTe provides teachers access to differentiated resources based upon their professional development needs and the academic needs of their students.


  • Superb product!  Teachers are easily able to uncover issues with student learning.  Terrific support staff!  Together we make a difference in students’...

    Regina Greely, Supervisor of Data Warehousing and Instructional Technology
  • There is Performance Matters and then there are the rest of the vendors.

    Dr. Frank Raffone, Assistant Superintendent
  • We made the largest one year gains in the history of the school district and we couldn’t have done it without Performance Matters.

    Dr. Fran Adams, Superintendent

Our Products

  • FASTe: Formative Action System for Teacher Effectiveness.
    The only teacher effectiveness platform that supports teaching and learning “formatively”.
  • ADMS: Assessment and Data Management System.
    Our flagship product used by school systems nationwide to continuously monitor and improve student learning.

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