Our Customers are our Strongest Advocates

At Performance Matters, we are passionate about the work we do and continuously strive to provide products and services that exceed our customer’s expectations. As a result, our customers have become our strongest advocates.

“PM is a difference maker in the K-12 space. They “ask the question”, “listen to the customer” and “deliver on their promise”. Considering the challenges we face in K-12 today, it is refreshing to align with a partner that you consider part of your team.”
CIO: Large suburban school district

“Five years ago, the use of data to drive instruction was very limited in our school system. Performance Matters has been the tool that has permitted teachers and administrators to use common language to analyze our FCAT data, as well as our ongoing Progress Monitoring. Performance Matters is now part of our culture and has been integral to our success.“
Deputy Superintendent: Small rural school district with 80% free and reduced lunch

“We made the largest one year gains in the history of the school district and we couldn’t have done it without Performance Matters.”
Superintendent: Mid size district moved from bottom quartile among cohort school systems to top quartile in one year

“The integration of our new student scheduling system to our existing Performance Matters data was totally without interruption of web presentation to the end user.“
Director of IT: Mid size district who transitioned from one SIS to another with no impact to PM users

“With 50 percent of a teacher and school leader’s evaluation based upon improved student learning, teachers and leaders will be equipped with the assessments and data management tools they will need to progress monitor students over time and truly understand data drive instruction. Performance does matter. “
Deputy Superintendent, Large urban school district


  • Superb product!  Teachers are easily able to uncover issues with student learning.  Terrific support staff!  Together we make a difference in students’...

    Regina Greely, Supervisor of Data Warehousing and Instructional Technology
  • There is Performance Matters and then there are the rest of the vendors.

    Dr. Frank Raffone, Assistant Superintendent
  • We made the largest one year gains in the history of the school district and we couldn’t have done it without Performance Matters.

    Dr. Fran Adams, Superintendent

Our Products

  • FASTe: Formative Action System for Teacher Effectiveness.
    The only teacher effectiveness platform that supports teaching and learning “formatively”.
  • ADMS: Assessment and Data Management System.
    Our flagship product used by school systems nationwide to continuously monitor and improve student learning.

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