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Performance Matters is redesigning assessment as a catalyst for student success.

Educators use the Performance Matters flagship product, Unify, to author and review instructional materials and administer authentic assessments that energize learning. It empowers users to analyze student and educator data from multiple sources and act on that information with resources that improve teaching and learning. Just as Wikipedia provides a platform for developing a worldwide encyclopedia, the Unify platform enables educators to collaborate and build items and assessments, with the added benefit of a professional review and approval process.

Exciting News! Performance Matters and Truenorthlogic Join Forces

Performance Matters, the leader in student performance and formative assessment systems, and Truenorthlogic, the leader in educator professional growth solutions, come together to create the first true synthesis of student achievement, educator evaluation and professional development data, with analytics that improve education.


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Unify is the first collaborative technology platform designed for the development, review and administration of quality assessment content.

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Read our new white paper for insights on Redesigning Assessment: A Platform for Cutting Costs and Raising Quality.

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About Performance Matters

Performance Matters is made up of talented professionals who are passionate about education. Founded in 2003, we have created a culture that thrives on customer service and innovation. We sincerely care about our customers and the work they do. When a customer calls, we answer the phone and answer their questions. We know our customers by name and we know what is important to them, their schools and their students. From the support team to executive leadership, product management and professional services, all PM professionals are uniquely positioned to serve educators, and work tirelessly to deliver service levels that exceed expectations. 

Innovation never sleeps at Performance Matters. When we say we are redesigning assessment as a catalyst for student success, we mean it. Assessment should be and can be meaningful for college and career readiness. With our technology, we can meet every student where they are, irrespective of their grade or competency level. The time is now to leverage the collaborative power of technology and lift the assessment process to the next level. There are few, if any, nobler causes than the education of our youth. We are proud to be a part of it and encourage you to join the movement!

Four-Time Recipient!
2012-2015 District Administration Top Products Award
  Two-Time Finalist
2014, 2016 EdTech Digest Cool Tool Award
  2014-15 eSchool News
Readers' Choice Award

Redesigning Assessment as a Catalyst for Student Success

School districts using the Performance Matters assessment and data management tools move beyond the place of just collecting data,
focusing instead on using the information to impact students as well as improve the assessment process.

With Unify you can  Author, Administer, Analyze, Act on   your assessments with ease!

It’s no secret that students and teachers are weary of testing. Yet, we are now responsible for assessing all courses. We must make changes to how we approach assessment so teachers embrace it as a valuable tool and students find it engaging and relevant. The assessment content needed to prepare our students in all course areas is in short supply and costly. And teachers need tools that make it easy to analyze test results and act on them with individual learning plans. We are building the Unify community to meet these pressing needs.

We invite you to “get Unify'd.”

Five Good Reasons to Unify!

Unify makes administering assessments and analyzing student performance easy for the classroom teacher!

Unify provides an unmatched volume of quality “innovative” assessment items and assessments in 100’s of courses!

Unify is designed to leverage the talents of teachers to develop, share and review assessment content in collaboration!

Unify analytics empower educators with real time actionable information they can use to differentiate instruction and improve learning!

Unify is an enterprise assessment platform that supports the new innovative item types and scales to support the testing of millions of students every month!

Assessments that Energize Learning!

Collaborate with others inside or outside of our organization to author, review, rate and approve assessment content.

Design a complete standards-based blueprint for any course, or choose from the broad selection of blueprints available.

Design Studio
Build innovative items and assessments or select them from a broad range of items and assessments for several hundred courses.

QTI Integration
Administration utility for on demand export of authorized content in QTI format.

Mobile Performance App
Capture student assessment via any iOS or Android device and upload for review, scoring and student feedback.

Bracket Scoring
Interactive scoring of constructed student responses in media, print or text using bracketed rubrics as anchors.

Student Testing
Testing online or via plain paper scanning; includes real time item analysis reporting.

Classroom Observation
Conduct classroom observations using mobile devices that can be connected or disconnected from the internet.

Item Analysis
Interactive item analysis of Unify assessments to analyze student performance and item quality.

Baseball Card
Powerful ad-hoc reporting that enables the drag and drop of multiple measures and disaggregation at the speed of thought.

Educator Analytics
Longitudinal analysis of student performance and observation results for associated teachers and administrators.

Compliance reporting to support multi-measure educator evaluations.

Response to Intervention
Administration and progress monitoring tools to support academic and behavioral interventions and individualized progress monitoring plans.

Early Warning System
A customizable reporting and filtering module to identify students at risk based upon your EWS variables.

Student Learning Objectives
An administration, reporting and roster verification tool for individual teacher's student learning objectives.

Analytics that Power Instruction!

Integrating Student and Educator Data


Educator Data
Unify educator analytics incorporates a comprehensive data warehouse of longitudinal educator characteristics and the performance of their associated students. By combining this information with Classroom Observation data, educators can analyze the relationship between the performance of their students and their observation results throughout the school year.
The Unify multi-measure teacher evaluation report enables districts to configure their unique measures and associate them with the correct teacher groups and profiles. Once the configuration is complete, the evaluation report is updated as additional measures are completed. Changes to the configuration can be made at any time and applied instantly. Historical evaluations are maintained for longitudinal analysis.
Student Data
Unify student data analytics power instruction via interactive item analysis of assessments that enable teachers and administrators to analyze student performance and differentiate instruction. Curriculum experts have access to intuitive item statistics reporting that combines item discrimination, test validity and distractor analysis. This easily pinpoints quality items as well as identifying those items that need revision or disposal.
The Baseball Card module is designed for any level of user to combine multiple measures of student achievement via a simple drag and drop selection. Grouping and filtering the data are easy and fast! Want to see the relationship between 3 years of State test data, local assessments and Lexile measures in seconds and reduce the student listing to those with 5 or more absences? That exercise is a snap with Baseball Card.
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Woody Dillaha |
CEO and Co-Founder

Mr. Dillaha co-founded the Company in 2003 and is responsible for company sales, business operations and strategy. He began Performance Matters by securing a developmental partnership with our first customer. As the Company’s products developed over the first 18 months of operations, Mr. Dillaha was able to grow the business in a highly competitive market at a time when SaaS was a new concept. Under his leadership, the Company has established a culture of technical innovation and a passion for education. Mr. Dillaha received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business from the University of Central Florida.

Our Team - image

James Waters |
CTO and Co-Founder

Mr. Waters co-founded the Company in 2003 and is the principal architect of all the Performance Matters’ product solutions. James is responsible for the development of the product road map, as well as leadership of all the Company's technical operations. Prior to co-founding Performance Matters, James focused most of his career in the Business Intelligence arena working as a consultant and sales engineer marrying complex business requirements with technical realities specific to the K-12 market. Mr. Waters received his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from the University of West Florida.

Our Team - image

Amy Wieland |
Senior Vice President

Ms. Wieland joined the Company in 2010 and has been a catalyst for the sustained rapid growth of the company. Amy's experience with enterprise platforms and her elite accomplishments as an educator throughout her career provide a unique set of talents to support customers throughout the country. Her career has contained numerous honors including multiple Teacher of the Year Awards, Authentic Assessment Multi Media Award, Pearson's Cross Divisional Communications Award and President's Award both at Pearson and McGraw Hill. Ms. Wieland holds Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Education from the University of South Florida.

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Nick Coniglio |
VP, Support & Data Services

Mr. Coniglio joined Performance Matters in 2007 and is responsible for leading the Support and Database Administration Teams. He led the Development Team and managed the transition from the first to second generation of the ADMS product and the migration to the current online support system. Prior to joining Performance Matters, he worked in operating and technology roles for 15 years for companies such as Wallace and Associates, a tax credit company, and Solutions Builders, an Atlanta based consulting firm. Mr. Coniglio holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the State University of New York at Oswego.

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Marnie Stockman |
Director, Customer Relations

Mrs. Stockman joined Performance Matters in 2013 as a Customer Relationship Manager. Her experiences in school and district level leadership included implementing and training all staff in the use of Performance Matters' modules. As the Director of Customer Relations, Mrs. Stockman uses these experiences to help make Performance Matters a true partner with school districts. She has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Loyola University and a Master's Degree in Education from Salisbury University.

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Dave Sutton |
Director, Business Development

Mr. Sutton joined Performance Matters in 2005, and is responsible for establishing and maintaining business partnerships that create value for our shared customers. He has worked in the technology industry for nearly 30 years and has vast experience in both customer relations and sales. Due to his passion for consulting and education, Dave previously served in the Customer Relations area, actively managed large and small district implementations, and created personalized training plans to meet district needs. Mr. Sutton received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration – Accounting from the University of Georgia.

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Patrice Hartnett |
Director, Internal Programs

Mrs. Hartnett joined the Company in 2006. As Director of Internal Programs, Patrice coordinates the implementation work among the Performance Matters Technology and Support Teams to ensure our implementations exceed customer expectations. She has over 20 years of experience in public education, including an administrator in the largest district in New Hampshire, where she managed a staff of 130 employees and was responsible for the curriculum mapping and data management implementation. Mrs. Hartnett holds a Master of Arts in Education and Administration from the University of Phoenix.

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Pam Brewer |
Director, Customer Relations

Mrs. Brewer joined Performance Matters in 2015, bringing with her 20 years of experience in various capacities in Florida public education. Her experience as a principal provides a practical knowledge base to formulate successful strategies. She also served as the project manager for the implementation of a new SIS, as well as the Executive Director of K-12 Academic Services and Professional Development. Pam earned her Bachelor of Science in Chemical Science from Florida State University, Master's Degree in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University, and her Doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Florida.

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