FASTe Observer

FASTe Observer is a flexible tool for conducting classroom observations using any district adopted framework and forms approved for loading into the FASTe Observer platform. Observations may be conducted on a computer, iPad or any device that supports a modern standard web browser.

FASTe Observer runs with or without an internet connection and provides secure storage of observation results that are collected on devices that may be shared among multiple observers. Because Observers have different styles for collecting and recording observation results, FASTe Observer provides multiple methods for data entry so that the users can pick the method that best suits their needs and style.


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    Regina Greely, Supervisor of Data Warehousing and Instructional Technology
  • There is Performance Matters and then there are the rest of the vendors.

    Dr. Frank Raffone, Assistant Superintendent
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    Dr. Fran Adams, Superintendent

Our Products

  • FASTe: Formative Action System for Teacher Effectiveness.
    The only teacher effectiveness platform that supports teaching and learning “formatively”.
  • ADMS: Assessment and Data Management System.
    Our flagship product used by school systems nationwide to continuously monitor and improve student learning.

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