Performance Matters provides a comprehensive Assessment and Data Management System. Through the Student Assessment Module, teachers and administrators can select from a broad range of tests or item banks for student assessment and administer those assessments on line or via plain paper scanning. The ADMS also provides nearly 100 interactive Reports and Dashboards which are used to monitor student achievement and differentiate instruction accordingly. Student Learning Objectives can be assigned as a part of the assessment development process and the Response to Intervention module incorporates all of the relevant student measures for remediation; not just interventions.

Reports & Dashboards

Performance Matters provides interactive, easy to use, reporting and analytics. All data and charts are consistently color coded which makes analyzing the results intuitive. The reporting system is very comprehensive, offering nearly 100 unique reports “out of the box.” All reports have advanced filtering and comparative information. Any relevant question regarding student, teacher, school or district performance can be answered quickly within the system.

Student Assessment Module

Performance Matters provides a complete student assessment module (SAM) used by local school districts for both interim benchmark testing and formative classroom testing. SAM enables our customers to:

  • Build tests from the PM item/test bank using their own items or via a third party item bank such as Measured Progress or NWEA.
  • Test students via plain paper scanning, on line testing, clickers and/or camera based grading
  • Score and grade results provided from an external testing system or results entered directly into SAM
  • SAM is an open assessment platform and offers unmatched flexibility that is extremely important for school systems with multiple assessments and administration methods.

    Response to Intervention

    Unlike other RtI solutions, Performance Matters RtI is integrated with an underlying data warehouse infrastructure. This provides users access to all of the intervention activities and rich reporting that support the RtI process as well as other relevant factors for student learning including State test results, local interim assessments, attendance, discipline, Lexile reading levels and so on. With Performance Matters RtI, there is no need to log into multiple systems; all of the data is right at your fingertips.

    Scan Engine

    The ADMS Scan Engine is next generation “cloud based” technology for processing plain paper student answer sheets.

  • Works with any modern network enabled scanning equipment
  • Unprecedented flexibility for reading imperfect scans
  • No need for a PC or special drivers
  • Exceedingly simple…load the paper…select scan to Performance Matters…done. If you are still administering local interim or formative assessments via scanning, you will appreciate the simplicity and economy of the PM Scan Engine.

  • Testimonials

    • Superb product!  Teachers are easily able to uncover issues with student learning.  Terrific support staff!  Together we make a difference in students’...

      Regina Greely, Supervisor of Data Warehousing and Instructional Technology
    • There is Performance Matters and then there are the rest of the vendors.

      Dr. Frank Raffone, Assistant Superintendent
    • We made the largest one year gains in the history of the school district and we couldn’t have done it without Performance Matters.

      Dr. Fran Adams, Superintendent

    Our Products

    • FASTe: Formative Action System for Teacher Effectiveness.
      The only teacher effectiveness platform that supports teaching and learning “formatively”.
    • ADMS: Assessment and Data Management System.
      Our flagship product used by school systems nationwide to continuously monitor and improve student learning.

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